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David Marciano

David was born in Newark, New Jersey on the 7th January 1960
At the age of 3 he moved to Belleville (NJ) and by the time he was 8 he had returned to Newark living in the Mount Prospect area of the city he spent his education at Seton Hall prep school and Essex Catholic.

University and other desisions

David origionaly attended Northwestern University in Boston to study Biomedical engineering. However he was unhappy with this and changed his major to econmics and accounting to imporve his grades but was still unhappy. After 3 semesters he knew it wasn't for him and called his mother for advice
His mother reminded him of a school test which he had taken and which had recommended three careers

Mathematican (Never any good at that myself got a G in GCSE re-take!)
Architect (Never any good at design although I liked it)
Actor (Now that's more like it)

His Mother recommended that he take acting classes to boost self confidence for whatever career he decided to follow
Natuarlly David was suprised with the actor part of the test results

"An actor? who knew? where did that come from? I never went in for dramitics at school. I was more into sport...I did make the freshman football team but I didn't last long. I weighed 148 pounds and I was getting beaten to a I quit"

David decided to stay in Boston for a year to find acting work. He found work in the Lyric Theatre in Boston as well as a few local made movies and a commercial for Northwestern University . He also studied and worked as a bartender for a while to earn extra cash
realizing he needed feather training David attended the Drama Studio of London at Berkley, California for a year from June 1984
After compleating his training David headed back to new York to find work but with no luck.
So in December 1985 he moved to LA driving all way across country!!!
David finally found work on commercials and a soap.
he finally won a role in the TV show Wiseguy playing Lorenzo Steelgrave a *slightly* wacked out Italian .
After 14 months he recived his Screen Actors Guild Card

David sees himself as a visceral actor and that parts work for him best if they feel right
He did comment that Ray Vecchio didn't work for him at the start and that he took a risk when he excepted the role

As far as personal stuff goes David is married to Katayoun Amini who is also in the acting business (And a good actress at that) and has a 3 year old daughter Ariana Grace
If you want to know why Valentines day is special to him it's because it's the day he proposed to Katayoun back in 1991 (Ahhhh don't you just live a romantic)
His pastimes include:

Fishing (Good man! Love a bit of Fishing myself...which reminds me I need to re-new that license!)
Cooking (enjoy that even though my idea of a gourmet meal is a microwave pizza !)
Golf (As Mark Twain once said "A good walk ruined" I can never see the sense in the sport myself ;))
Basketball (Ah but which team does he support. Answers on a e-mail to


David's past productions
Links (To be added very soon....hopefullly!!)

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With thanks to Julien and her David Marciano Webpage for some of the information which I have used on this page

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