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Vecchio's page!!

Comming Soon to this page!!

The Blackhawks zone, a tribute to those players of the Chicago Blackhawks (But for the moment take a look at this page)
Also The Bulls zone another tribute this time to the Chicago Bulls (Meanwhile here's a link )
AND the untimate Due South page (Well it'll be Nick's page but I'll link it!!)

But in the mean time you'll just have to put up with a bit about me!!

If you want to find out more about my home city and even my job (Sheesh they let cops lose on the web!!) then take a look HERE Oh and also HERE

Anything else you need to know?, there is! you nosy git. Well if you do want to find out more then e-mail my Personal Assistant and she'll tell you all you need to know

Well thanks for barging in next time just come in and sit down and you might get a coffee and a donut

This page was last updated on the 10th July 1996

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