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The due South Music Page

due South Soundtrack #1

  1. due South Theme - Jay Semko
  2. Bone Of Contention - Sprit of the West
  3. Cabin Music - Original Score
  4. Possession - Sarah McLachan
  5. Horses - Original Score
  6. Akua Tuta - Kashtin
  7. American Woman - The Guess Who
  8. Henry Martin - Figgy Duff
  9. Ride Forever - Paul Gross
  10. Flying - Blue Rodeo
  11. due South Theme - Jay Semko
  12. Neon Blue - Holly Cole Trio
  13. Victoria's Secret - Original Score
  14. Calling Occupants of Interplantary Craft - Klaatu
  15. Eia Mater (From Stabat Mater) - Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, Elmer Iseler, Roy Thomson Hall Orchestra, Toronto Symphony, Andrew Davis.
  16. Fraser/Inuit Soliloquy - Paul Gross
  17. Dief's in Love - Original Score

Usually soundtracks taken from TV series and movies can proves to be a bit of a rip off to the buyer, simply because half the music isn't on the show or movie
This soundtrack proves to be the exception, it's well worth the money and all the music is from season one.

The CD and tape holds a mix of Original score music written by Jay Semko, Jack Lenz and John MaCarthy as well as music from Sarah McLaclan, The Guess Who and other well know Canadian bands.

Paul Gross makes his music debut on this CD with Ride Forever which was used in All the Queen's Horses, a tune you won't be able to get out of your head for a week afterwards.

Overall the CD is well worth the money and it's one you can easily listen to over and over again and dosen't get wearing after the fifth time unlike many CDs.

If your a true fan of due South, you'll already have this CD, if your not, then get it anyway.

due South Soundtrack #2

  1. Oh, What a feeling - Junkhouse
  2. Drunken Salior - Captian Tractor
  3. Robert Mackenzie - Paul Gross
  4. Mind - Vibrolux
  5. Mountie on the Bounty - Original Score
  6. Song for a Winter's Night - Sarah McLaclan
  7. Slave to your love - Dutch Robinson
  8. From a Million Miles - Single Gun Theory
  9. Take me out to the Ballgame - Trevor Hurst
  10. November - Mythos
  11. Cubically Contained - Headstones
  12. Nobody's Girl - Michelle Wright
  13. Sophia's Pipes - Ashley MacIsaac
  14. Western End of the Trail - Original Score
  15. Holy Tears - Tara Maclean
  16. due South - Theme '97 - Jay Semko

Review comming soon!!!

Two Houses - Paul Gross & David Keeley

Comming soon!!!

This page was updated on the 6th Febuary 1999

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